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KPM Fire Service

A service from KPM Fire will involve making sure your Fire Extinguisher appliances are kept in good-working-order with a thorough inspection and test of each extinguisher, and completing any necessary repairs. Where required KPM Fire will recharge the appliance or replace it completely.

KPM Fire Annual Fire Extinguisher ServiceMost Fire Extinguishers must be fully discharged and pressure-tested every 5 years, excluding Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers where it is every 10 years from the date of commissioning or 11 years from the date of manufacture.

In addition to the service, KPM Fire will survey each Fire Extinguisher's location and ascertain that it is in its correct place and easily accessible, and not obstructed, and that the correct Fire Extinguisher Signage is being displayed.

Servicing is invaluable for making sure that your emergency equipment is functioning for when you need it. Fire Extinguishers are not decorations, and are only of value if they are in good-working-order in an emergency, therefore we recommend Fire Extinguishers are checked properly and on a regular basis.

KPM Fire Annual Fire Extinguisher Service

KPM Fire offer an annual service contract, where we will contact you each year to book a visit from one of our Fire Extinguisher Service Engineers, who will then complete a full service of all your Fire Extinguisher Appliances, and test, repair, recharge or replace your Fire Extinguisher appliances as necessary.

Legislation dictates that all Fire Extinguisher Appliances must be serviced, at least once a year, by a "competent person". This can be a representative of the appliance manufacturer or a trained engineer working in the specialist field of Fire Extinguisher servicing.

Schedule a KPM Fire Annual Service Contract

Scheduling a KPM Fire Annual Service Contract is easy, just telephone us on 01924 893 192, or use our contact form, and we will schedule an annual phone call to book an appointment with one of our Fire Extinguisher Service Engineers. 

When we call you, there is no obligation to use KPM Fire, but we are confident that you will, because of our reliable, professional quality service, friendly and approachable Service Engineers, and our doctrine of value-for-money.

Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection

It is not enough to set up an annual service contract with a specialist company to carry out a regular service visit. You must also regularly inspect all of your Fire Extinguisher Appliances.

Exactly how often you need to inspect your appliances will depend on the nature of your premises, but in general your inspections should be at least once a month, and should include:

  • Check that the extinguisher is in its proper place, easily accessible and not obstructed.
  • If your extinguisher has a pressure guage, check that the needle is in the green area, meaning that the pressure is correct. If the extinguisher pressure is too low it may need to be recharged, repaired or replaced.
  • Check that the pull-pin, in the handle, is in place, and has not been pulled out or lost.
  • Check that any tamper seals are fully in tact.
  • Check that the appliance is clean and that all instructions can be easily read.
  • Check the Extinguisher for any damage, including cracks, dents or rust.
  • Some Dry-Powder Extinguishers have a manufacturer's recommendation that they are shaken every month to ensure the powder does not stick together or become compacted.

These inspections can be carried out quickly and easily, but are invaluable in making sure that, in an emergency, all of your Fire Extinguishers function to their full potential and can prevent a fire spreading out of control.

If a Fire Extinguisher has been discharged, partially discharged or interfered with in any way, it should be replaced immediately.